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Jensen Leisure Furniture
Posted by Robert on 12/18/2010 to Featured Brands
We are excited about receiving a huge shipment of Jensen Leisure Furniture for our Patio Center. Jensen Leisure is constructed with Ipe Wood. Ipe may be the hardest, most durable wood in the world. I have found it exciting that Ipe was used in the constructing of the Atlantic City Boardwalk and all New York City park benches.
What are the Benefits of a Latex Mattress?
Posted by Andy on 12/1/2010 to Mattresses
1. Comfort is the most important benefit.

2. Durability is another benefit. When compared to a conventional inner-spring a Latex mattress can last up to 30 years and usually they come with a 20 year warranty.
Rustic Outdoor Furniture not Made of Wood.
Posted by Andy on 11/15/2010 to Featured Brands
Are you shopping for quality outdoor furniture for a rustic home? Whitecraft has two collections of all-weather outdoor furniture to consider. They are made out of cast aluminum and synthetic wicker that has the look of wood.
What is the difference between hand knotted, hand tufted and flat weave rugs?
Posted by Andy on 10/10/2010 to Rugs
Hand-Knotted Rugs:

This type of rug is made in a loom, with warp cords from silk, cotton or wool stretched vertically and weft cords stretched horizontally forming many rows of hand tied knots. There are no glues or backing used in Hand-Knotted rugs.
Wine Barrel Furniture
Posted by T. Campbell on 8/27/2010 to Featured Brands
2 Day Designs has created the most unique and unusual furniture pieces using old white oak wine barrels. It's called their "Wine Tonight Collection". Over 800,000 of these types of wine barrels are produced yearly and typically disposed of after only a few years. 
Custom Concrete Countertops
Posted by M. Cogdill on 8/6/2010
Concrete counter tops are truly a custom project for your home. The design possibilities are endless because concrete does not start out as a slab, it is formed.
Rustic Lighting & Decor: Genuine Antler Chandeliers vs Faux Antler Chandeliers
Posted by A. Morris on 7/26/2010 to Lighting
An antler chandelier is a must when decorating a rustic home or cabin, but the cost of a chandelier with real deer, elk or moose antlers can be dramatically more than a faux antler chandelier.
8-Way Hand Tied Construction vs Pirelli Webbing: Which is Better?
Posted by A. Morris on 7/19/2010 to Sofas & Recliners
The traditional method for creating support in sofas is called 8-way hand tied.  But, now there is Pirelli webbing that is a cost effective alternative to the traditional approach.  So, which one should you choose when purchasing your next sofa?
Outdoor Rugs
Posted by T. Campbell on 7/12/2010 to Rugs
You can personalize your outdoor living space and pull it all together by utilizing a colorful, durable outdoor rug.
Wallcoverings: Handcrafted Art for Walls
Posted by M. Cogdill on 7/5/2010 to Featured Brands
To add a rich, vibrant look to a room you cannot go wrong with Phillip Jeffries hand crafted wallcoverings.  The assortment to choose from is endless meaning you can reach the pinnacle of your desired style.  We simply cannot say enough about this amazing art for your walls!  Visit our Design Center to see a sample of the varieties offered.

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